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Review chuyến đi Philippines 6N5Đ (Puerto princesa – El Nido – Manila)

What an “immortal reputation” you guys! Supper beautifull. El nido is undeniably known as the “best island on earth”. I will share my trip with anyone who needs it! (The sea color looks exactly the same on the outside!)

Review trip Philippines 6N5D (Puerto princesa – El Nido – Manila)

Detailed schedule

First destination

Manila Airport (in the Philippine capital – Manila). I flew from Korea, my husband flew from Ho Chi Minh City, we all booked tickets on the app. (The ticket is booked only 3 days from the departure date, so it is quite expensive, if you want a cheap ticket, buy it early!). I had to write about this first destination because I had a problem here. The airport has all 4 terminals, moving between stations has to take a bus or taxi, I landed at terminal 3, my husband landed at terminal 2.

I learned about Philippines Before going and knowing where to go, I will have to show my passport, including going to the toilet (some places), but when I go to terminal 2 to pick up my husband, the police won’t let me in because I don’t have one. There are no airline tickets related to this station. Then a policeman took me to the area where there were seats for me to sit and “supervised” me, when my husband’s plane landed he took me downstairs, asked to see my husband’s picture and he looked for my husband. come for yourself. Then I asked my husband for a fee, my husband gave him 100peso (Filipino currency, about 45k VND).

2nd destination

My wife and I moved from terminal 2 to terminal 3 to take a domestic flight Puerto Princesa (in Palawan). Here we went back to the hotel to store our suitcases (by Tricycle – a 3-wheeled vehicle with a motor) and went to see the fireflies on time. The firefly tour I booked was from the Tricycle driver earlier because the hotel tour had already departed and couldn’t leave in time. The hotel has a car to pick up at the airport, but because I didn’t check my email, I don’t know. Please note that you should check your email often because almost every hotel has a service to pick you up at the airport.

3rd destination

El Nido (the main point of his trip). After sleeping in Puerto Princesa for one night, we moved to El Nido early the next morning (4am departure). To save time, we chose to go early so that we could visit El Nido in time (total travel time was 4 hours and 50 minutes because it was still early morning and there were no cars on the road, so go quickly). When we got back to El Nido, we left our suitcases at the hotel and then went on a tour, where the tour programs are divided into tour A, tour B, tour C and tour D. These tours are sold online, at customers hotels, and at domestic tour companies in the Philippines. I book online and chat with the guide before going to the Philippines, then go straight to that company at the pier and join tour A. The next day, join tour C.

4th destination

Metro Manila. I returned to Manila, rested, slept for 1 night, the next morning went around the mall to visit, eat and shop, in the afternoon went to the airport to return, ending my holidays in the Philippines.

Hotels I’ve stayed in

OYO 181 Manila Airport hotel (Because I landed 9 hours before my husband, so I booked a hotel close to the airport to sleep): Small, smelly, old, hot room. Price 50usd.

One Manalo Place (at Puerto Princesa City): Very beautiful, near the airport, with swimming pool, large room, big bed, clean, very friendly and cute staff, airport shuttle, very delicious water when you come to checkin. Price 60usd.

Maligaya Beach Bungalows (at El Nido): Very warm welcome, staff is always smiling, supportive as much as possible, good location, large, beautiful room, stepping out to the sea, garden decorated in harmony with nature very like, big bed , the bathroom in the room is designed “open”, the toilet in the room is always very clean and fragrant. Before I go back to the hotel, I will turn on the air conditioner in my room. If I have breakfast, when I wake up, there is a breakfast table on the porch waiting to be very “chill”. Before Christmas, the hotel organized an early party for staff and guests, serving all delicious food and a roast suckling pig (this dish is called Lechon – Filipino specialty). This is very special because here, if you are invited to this dish, it means that you are very important to them, and they have special affection for you. The Philippines even has a festival dedicated to Lechon, which is considered a cultural feature of this country of thousands of islands. There is only one small minus point at the hotel is a lot of mosquitoes (because it’s built in the style of a garden house) but the hotel has a notice with an apology in advance in the email and tries to fix it by burning a lamp to repel mosquitoes. . Although I said a lot of mosquitoes, I only saw a few flying in the toilet area where the sink was, but the bed didn’t see it and I prepared anti-mosquito cream in advance so I didn’t have any problems, not a single mosquito bite. Price 280usd/2 night.

The Venice Residences Premier Studio Condo Unit BGC Taguig (in Manila): This is a mini apartment-style room located in a mall and apartment complex, self-check-in, the key is in a small box with a code sent to your email. Large room, cute decoration, swimming pool, kitchen. However, it’s scary to me because it has Cockroaches, the apartment looks big and gorgeous but it seems old and I hate beetles but here there are cockroaches and ants and something small I see in the house cleaning omg, it’s clearly rated very well even people writing reviews using the word perfect can’t understand it. Price 75usd

The means of transport I used

Taxi: I book Grab, convenient to track the journey and know the price. In the Philippines, politics is very complicated, so wherever you go you have to be very careful.

Vans: 1 small car about 11 seats. If you join, the price is cheap, but the car is lucky to have good cars and bad cars and must be on time, spend more time waiting for this person. If you book a private van (private Vans), it’s more expensive, but you can go when you want and have your own space. The one way (Puerto Princesa to El Nido) we book private Vans (provided by the hotel in El Nido) for 5000peso (2,250k vnd) (cheaper than the hotel and drivers in Puerto Princesa provide), our return experience Vans pairing price 600peso/1ng (270k vnd). Note: The road from Puerto Princesa to El Nido is like going to Hai Van Pass with a roller coaster game, there are a lot of crabs, a lot of bouncing, it’s quite good, so you have to prepare well mentally and physically before going. dental.

Tricycles: This car is cool, just like I go to Thailand, cheap, from one point to another about 50-100peso (23-45vnd). But after 3 days of going to El nido, I see that it is the same road and destination. Whenever my husband asks for the price first, it will lose 100peso, whenever I don’t ask for the price to jump up, it will all be 50peso, I don’t understand haha.

Sightseeing tours I’ve gone on

Firefly Tour (in Puerto Princesa)

My wife and I like privacy, so we book a private tour. Fortunately, the weather is beautiful, the sky is always full of stars, the fireflies perched on the sparkling tree look like a Christmas tree with lights, every time he instructs to splash water on it or knock on the boat, you just know “wow”. The surface of the water has a very special type of algae, when he instructs to stir the water, it will sparkle and sparkle. However, this tour is quite unlucky because it is said that some people go to see many fireflies, some people see less. The road is quite long and has many bends, like a forest road. You can also come here and buy tickets to see it will be much cheaper. The price for me and my wife to go: 3,000peso (1,350k VND), if you go together, it will only cost about 300k VND.

Tour A (in El Nido)

Go to 4 islands (omit 1 island in the program because of being late), go from 10:30 to 17:00. Very beautiful, there is kayaking. My wife and I went on a private tour (private boat has only me and my wife and a team of 3 people including the driver, the assistant and the guide). Lunch was cooked by the service team on board while we went swimming, taking pictures on the island. The meal was delicious and plentiful, beautifully decorated, tired of eating it all. Price 7,900peso (3,550k vnd) (book price at the hotel 10,000peso, we book online cheaper), kayak rental cost 100peso (45k vnd). If you book a tour with others, it only costs 1,200 pesos (540k vnd).

Tour C (in El Nido)

Go to 5 islands, from 9:00 to 17:00. So beautiful. If you have scuba diving, the guide will have your diving goggles and life jacket ready for you, no more rent. There are diving in the shallows and diving in the deep, it’s very beautiful. I tried really hard not to harm the coral but my husband also stepped on it twice in the shallows due to the big waves, he wasn’t wearing a life jacket, lost his balance and felt extremely guilty. So try to avoid stepping on it, just look and find a sandy area with rocks to stand on, even if you know how to swim, you should wear a life jacket, when you are hit by waves or lose your balance in the shallow sea you have avoided stepping on coral by turning upside down lying on his back in the sea raising his legs above the water, having a life jacket, he will float and the wind will blow him away ahihi. Lunch is included like tour A, if you go on a private tour, then every meal time, the boat will choose beautiful and empty islands to drop in to have a private space to dine. Usually tour C is a little more expensive than A. But because I booked here the day before, they gave me a discount, the next day tour C 7,600peso (3,420k vnd), if you go on a joint tour, it’s 1,400 pesos (630k vnd)


When visiting here, you will have to pay environmental protection fees and other taxes. Not much, about 200peso (90k vnd). And this fee is paid once and is valid for 10 days, within 10 days you don’t need to pay any more for any tour.

Do not bring bottles and plastic bags to the island! At El nido, I was very surprised and wrote a small post on my personal page about how people don’t use plastic bags and plastic straws here. Completely use paper bags, paper straws, bamboo or grass. Great!

Remember to buy beach shoes and bring a waterproof backpack or bag, if you don’t bring it from home, you can buy it at El nido, very cheap. When going on a beach tour, always wear a swimsuit from the hotel.

It is recommended to exchange and carry a lot of cash to El Nido because there is no card here and there is only 1 place with an ATM, but the ATM does not always have a lot of money in it to provide you with enough! I exchanged 500 dollars, my husband exchanged 10 million VND into Philippine pesos, the total amount of the couple was about 50,000 pesos, eating and drinking and going home still had money left over. I think if you buy tickets early, book rooms early, this trip is 10 million vnd each person including all is carefree, sometimes there is leftover, it’s very cheap here.

The food I ate

A lot, because I’m a super glutton. I recorded a few dishes that are typical and traditional you should try!

Seafood (at El Nido): Cheap tasty tonic. The couple ate sea crab with garlic butter sauce, crab with spicy sauce, small lobster with garlic butter sauce, grilled squid, stir-fried vegetables, beer and soft drink for 2,040 pesos (918k vnd). This restaurant is only for me at the hotel reception, delicious bao sauce, restaurant name: Jarak – Next to the sea, in a pedestrian street with crowded bars and restaurants.

Halo halo dish: Vietnam has tea, the Philippines has halo halo. Including: shaved ice, beans, jelly, 1 ice cream, fruit, coconut… I ate at a restaurant in Manila, in the mall Venice Grand Canal, very delicious, fragrant.

Bulalo dishes: Beef and beef bones simmer for hours with onions and pepper, then add in cove beans and vegetables. The water is very sweet, clear, delicious, and doesn’t smell like beef.

Kare kare: Stewed oxtail with vegetables and peanut sauce. The smell of peanuts. But eating a lot is easy to get bored because of a lot of peanut sauce.

Sisig dishes: My favorite dish, minced liver and minced meat, I don’t know but it tastes just like Vietnamese stew or roasted meat, fragrant, brings rice endlessly. Definitely have to eat!

Conclude: I know the article is extremely long, but I want to share it for those who need it, or if you don’t need it, you can also refer to it for more information about a strange country. Before going, I also researched and read a lot of reviews, thanks to that, I had a more convenient, easy and better trip. The Philippines has terrorism, there are bombs, there are kidnappings, even kidnapping tourists, but not all areas are so scary, before you go, find out carefully. Wishing you all the best of health and many exciting journeys in your life! If there are any mistakes, I hope you forgive me!

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