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Thời tiết Phú Quốc từng tháng trong năm – du lịch Phú Quốc tháng mấy thì đẹp?

What month is the best month to travel to Phu Quoc? What should be noted? What is the weather in Phu Quoc in which months are rainy and which months are sunny? Find out now to have the best Phu Quoc trip!

Phu Quoc weather each month of the year – What month is the best time to travel to Phu Quoc?

The climate of Phu Quoc island is a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season

The rainy season here usually starts around the beginning of June to the end of September: In the rainy season, the humidity on the island is quite high along with continuous rains, especially during August and September. Therefore, your Phu Quoc travel experience may be interrupted. by sudden rains, in addition the roads on the island, especially in the remote areas after the rain, are relatively muddy.

The dry season lasts from October to the end of May next year: The dry season on the island is heavily influenced by the monsoon, so the temperature is quite high, the weather is hot, but there is a gentle sea breeze, suitable for swimming and experiencing life on the island. During April and May, Phu Quoc usually has the highest temperature.

Phu Quoc weather month by month

Phu Quoc weather in January

January in Phu Quoc island is typical of the dry season. The average daytime temperature is 31.2oC and the mean minimum is 23.6oC. With the temperature always warm, the average in January is 27.7oC, Phu Quoc is the perfect place for your beach vacation.

January is in the dry season on the island, so the rainfall is quite little, only about 30-40 mm/month, quite convenient for outdoor activities, especially swimming, sunbathing, watching corals or having a picnic. ….

At this time, the weather on the island has not yet approached the monsoon, so the humidity is slightly lower than in the year, about 70%. Therefore, this is the right time for many tours chosen by tourists. You can indulge yourself in the clear blue sea, visit the pepper garden, scuba dive to explore the ocean, taste the salty taste of the famous Phu Quoc fish sauce or simply take a walk along the coast and feel the aroma. taste of the sea here. Let’s start the new year at this beautiful island to erase all the fatigue of the old year, welcome the new year with more peace and smooth sailing.

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Phu Quoc weather in February

February is in the peak tourist season in Phu Quoc, a lot of tourists gather on Phu Quoc to visit and explore. The weather in February on the island is very pleasant, with the temperature not too high, only about 25oC – 28oC, along with relatively small rainfall: 40 mm/month and 75% humidity. This time to Phu Quoc is also the time when pepper gardens are harvested. Dubbed the “pepper kingdom”, you can visit the pepper gardens, harvest them with the locals and bring this small gift home to family and friends. Alternating that, you can immerse yourself in the cool, clear water, explore the vast ocean, visit the pepper garden, fish sauce factory or visit the Phu Quoc Ridgeback – the most intelligent and loyal dog. , fishing village tour, visit pearl culture facility and display area, visit Phu Quoc prison, ….

February is also the time when Dinh Ba Ong Lang festival in Phu Quoc is held annually on the 18th and 19th of the lunar calendar.

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Phu Quoc weather in March

March in Phu Quoc is still the dry season, the average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius, the weather is warm, not too hot. Because it is still in the dry season, the rainfall at this time is also insignificant, only about 50 mm/month, the average humidity is 76%. This is the ideal time for your visit, discovery or vacation in this beautiful island.

Just at the end of the dry season, March is the time for pepper at the end of the season, the harvest is done before the start of a new crop. The pepper garden welcomes visitors with lush green pepper clusters, ensuring quality under the brand name “pepper kingdom”. Besides, the blue beach, gentle waves, green coconut trees whispering are waiting for visitors to come and explore the natural, unspoiled and somewhat haughty beauty of the sea here.

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Phu Quoc weather in April

April is the beginning of the rainy season on Phu Quoc Island. However, at this time, the rainfall has increased but not much and usually showers appear at night. As a result, the air becomes cooler and the humidity is higher. The temperature of the day increases, from 25oC – 33oC, the number of rainy days also increases than before, about 9 days/month, the humidity also reaches 80%, this makes the air cooler and more comfortable. compared to the last dry season.

Coming to Phu Quoc in April, you can participate in the Nam Hai Dinh O festival on the 21st day of the third lunar month, the last part of April to pray for favorable weather, calm waves, so that fishermen can be transported to the sea. cover and safe. Pearl Island – where visitors feel like returning to nature, enjoying the purity of heaven and earth, feeling all the poetic beauty of the sea, immersing in the clear blue water, catching the cool breeze, enjoying the special features. seafood is still fresh.

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Phu Quoc weather in May

May – when the rainy season begins on Phu Quoc island district, the monthly rainfall gradually increases, about 15 days per month. Therefore, the temperature also decreased slightly compared to before, only about 25oC – 30oC, with a lot of rain, the humidity gradually increased, about 83%. The weather is gradually turning to the rainy season, however, it is still suitable for most activities of tourists, such as: visiting Phu Quoc National Park, Cua Can, Lang Ong Hai Nam, Cao Chua, …

At this time is also an appropriate time for tourists to Phu Quoc to visit as well as with the islanders to cultivate a new pepper season, sow young sprouts to have a good and effective pepper crop. high.

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Phu Quoc weather in June

Traveling to Phu Quoc in June you will encounter summer rains, the amount of rain in the month increases. At this time, the average monthly temperature is only about 26oC – 30oC. Rainfall also increased, about 17 days per month with rain, along with humidity also gradually increased, about 84%.

This is the peak time of the year in Phu Quoc, because it coincides with summer, when students are on vacation. You can choose Phu Quoc to explore the pearl sea, immerse yourself in the cool blue water, or have picnics to Suoi Tien, Bat Cave, Hon Thom, etc. Of course, there may be rainy days in Phu Quoc. aquí!

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Phu Quoc weather in July

July is the peak of the rainy season on Phu Quoc island district. At this time, the amount of rain in the month is very heavy, about 22 days in the month there will be rain. A lot of rain makes the daytime temperature also milder than the rest of the month, the temperature only reaches 25oC – 30oC and the humidity increases to about 85%.

Humid air, lots of rain affect outdoor activities, if you come to Phu Quoc at this time, spend most of your time relaxing at Phu Quoc’s high-class resorts and enjoying Fresh, delicious and nutritious seafood specialties are famous here.

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Phu Quoc weather in August

August is still the peak of the rainy season, so most of the time is rainy. In this month, the rainfall is very heavy, about 20 days in the month there will be rain, the average temperature is from 25oC – 30oC, the humidity is high, about 85%.

Heavy rain disrupts tourist activities. However, you can still visit Phu Quoc prison, go to Phu Quoc National Park and see the typical plants of this sea. Or, would you consider a long vacation in the wonderfully beautiful Phu Quoc hotels and resorts? A relaxing vacation to refresh yourself is a good idea, right?

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Phu Quoc weather in September

September is still the rainy season of the year, so the amount of rain in the month is quite large, the amount of rain makes the air cool, partly humid, the sea level is higher than in the dry season months. There are still about 17 days of rain in the month, the amount of rain is quite heavy, so the temperature in the month also gradually decreases, only about 25oC – 30oC, the humidity is still maintained at 85%.

You can experience like a real pepper garden farmer when visiting the pepper garden at this time to take care of, cultivate, and fertilize pepper plants – an interesting experience for tourists. guests that can only feel in the “pepper kingdom” Phu Quoc.

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Phu Quoc weather in October

October is still a little rainy, only about 15 days of the month have rain, the temperature is about 24oC – 30oC during the day, along with the humidity of about 83%, it has brought cool and comfortable air for the whole people. Locals as well as tourists come to Phu Quoc around this time.

One of the big festivals taking place in Phu Quoc is the temple festival of Nguyen Trung Truc, Ganh Dau commune, nearly 40km from the center of Phu Quoc island district. The festival begins on the 27th day of the 8th lunar month, usually in October of the lunar calendar.

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Phu Quoc weather in November

The wonderful November is here, it is the beginning of the most beautiful season of Phu Quoc, let’s plan Phu Quoc immediately! At this time, the amount of rain in the month decreases significantly, only about 6.7 days in the month will have rain, along with the daytime temperature will gradually increase. However, just starting in the dry season, the temperature has increased slightly, about 24oC – 31oC, in contrast to that, the humidity has decreased sharply, only about 76%, 77%.

November is a beautiful time to come to Phu Quoc Island. The beautiful weather creates more favorable conditions for tourists to come and participate in activities, visit the beauty of the island, mingle with nature and experience a life of a local people here.

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Phu Quoc weather in December

December still has a warm and pleasant weather, because it is in the dry season, the amount of rain on the island at this time is very little, only about 3 days in the month will have rain, and very light rain. The temperature also shows signs of a slight decrease compared to previous months, at about 23oC – 31oC during the day, humidity, too, decreases quickly. According to statistics, on the island district of Phu Quoc, the humidity in December is usually the lowest of the year, only about 70%.

This type of weather is quite beautiful, suitable for all activities of visitors to the Pearl Island. Do not hesitate to enjoy your exciting holidays in the last days of the year, welcome the new year in this island!

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Phu Quoc has 3 main sightseeing directions: North Island, South Island and East Island. Usually when coming here, visitors often spend 3 days to explore these sightseeing directions in turn.

Places in the North Island including Phu Quoc National Park, Ham Rong Mountain, Ganh Dau and Cua Can Mountain; Bai Dai beach, the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc with the beauty of blue sea, white sand, soaring blue poplar rows; Da Ngon stream, Da Ban stream. Temple of Nguyen Trung Truc or Vinpearl Land tourist area are attractive destinations in your journey to discover the North Island.

South Island’s most famous attractions Phu Quoc prison in particular and Phu Quoc prison in general. The next stop in Nam Dao is Bai Sao – a pristine and beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, conquering Tranh stream, discovering the immense green pepper kingdom, visiting the fish sauce barrel house and admiring the fish sauce. pearl jewelry in culture facilities.

The most prominent in Dong Dao Duong Dong town with two landmarks Dinh Cau and Dinh Cau night market. Also, if you have time, don’t forget to stop by Cuoi Nguon museum, the 9th private museum in Vietnam, where the stories about Phu Quoc island and ancient Su Muon (Hung Long pagoda) are kept. .

In addition, in Phu Quoc, there are interesting activities you should not miss such as fishing, snorkeling, night squid fishing or kayaking at Khem beach.

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